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Rowan Salem

November 12-20, 2021

Mutual Dance Theatre and Arts Center


Americana - Kate Speer

Redline Contemporary Arts Center

Denver, CO 

February 1, 2019- Resident Artist Show

January 25, 2018- REACH Studio Opening

First Do No Harm- Tara Rynders

Rose Medical Center, Denver, CO

October, 2018

First, Do No Harm

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Prow @ RedLine

Prow @ RedLine

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Prow- Claudia Lavista

Kate Speer

Redline 48 Hour Festival

August, 2018

Unseen Festival- Counterpath

September 1-30, 2018

Displace: September 12, 2018 

Observer Collective (Maggie Ammons, Rowan Salem, and Andrew Spickert) present Displace


48 Hours- Redline 

August 10 & 11, 2018

Observer Collective (Maggie Ammons, Rowan Salem, and Andrew Spickert) presents Displace

HOME Showcase

Presented by Control Group Productions

March 30 & 31, 2018 Colorado Conservatory of Dance

Broomfield, CO

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Home is a showcase of new and in-process creations by Resident Artists at Colorado Conservatory of Dance and other remarkable local dance-makers. It is a celebration of the place where our art lives, and an invitation to sit with us and witness the moment of new works unfolding.

Cross Pollinations:

The Athena Arts Project

March 9, 2018

"Cross Pollinations is a sparkling chance for you to enjoy collaborations between new and established artists in totally different fields! Each team of 2 artists has 12 hours to work and play together, and at the 8pm showcase, each duo presents a mind-tinglingly fresh live original work around the theme of Fierce Women Thriving. Be there to support these incredible artists in this risky and exciting endeavour, and see gut-punching creativity unfold! "

Featured artists

Meg York - Musician
SuCH - Musician
YaSi - Musician
Megan Burtt - Musician
Rowan Salem - Dance artist
Rebecca Gorman O'Neill - Playwright
Jen Harris - Poet
Charlotte Bassin - Visual artist

Colony 933

January 11-20, 2018 Denver, CO

"In a dystopic future devoid of sunlight, you must choose whether to assimilate or revolt... Created by Kate Speer& collaborators, produced by Control Group."

Location: Novo Coffee


Create Award Resident Show

January 2-24, 2018 Denver, CO

Art Gym’s second annual Create Award Residency presents performing artist Rowan Salem and mixed media artist K. Vuletich. Each recent graduate has been awarded a 6-month Art Gym membership to create a body of work, which will be shown in a joint exhibition in Art Gym’s gallery space. The show features two distinct bodies of work by emerging artists, both of which deal with themes of subjective experience, and the ways in which some stories and some aspects of reality are hidden, while others are revealed.

MuralFest: The Athena Project

July 2017 Lakewood, CO

Art Party: Tara Rynders

July, 2017 Boulder, CO

An immersive dance theater performance directed by Tara Rynders

Community Day of Dance: Jacob's Pillow

June 9, 2017 Beckett, MA

Performing excerpts of Ten Refrains Re:Rhoda Choreographed by Barbie Diewald

Salem Arts Fest: Tiny Dance 

June 2, 2017 Salem, MA

organized by Betsy Miller

Dances on 4x4 foot stages

2:15 – 2:45 pm, Front Street
Tiny Dance Stage – Shift 2
Dancers have choreographed short pieces for a tiny 4’x4′ stage. This shift of dancers includes: Meghan Carmichael, Sarah Mae Gibbons & Michael Figueroa, Rowan Salem, Sarah Slifer Swift, and Kristin Wagner. Coordinated by Betsy Miller.


MFA Thesis Concert

Smith College, Northampton, MA 

February, 2017

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